The bells of Hell are calling me home

The bells of Hell are calling me home Are you here because you want to be? Then good for you.
Did you just randomly stumble upon this blog? Then I sincerely feel sorry for you.
I'm a girl of many interests, and completely bonkers. I also hate my name with a burning passion of a thousand suns and one Day I simply won't be "Lynn" anymore. I haven't accepted that as my name for a long time.
My name? Sam.

I watch a lot of tv shows, I read a lot and have a lot of obsessions, some of them are: Supernatural, Harry Potter, Merlin, Disney, Avatar, Korra, Hunger Games, anything to do with ghost's and spirits, anything action movie-ish are things you can expect to find on this blog.

Oh, and also, if you follow me, just know that I reblog A-fucking-LOT. Don't let this be a surprise to you.

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